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    Hello Acoda Team.

    First thanks a lot for the nice theme, looking so long for a template with asymectric layout.

    After i try too setup the theme on the weekend i have some questions about the using and about settings for the theme. maybe i doesn’t find the right settings or their a something for you next update.


    1. as i descripe i my post here http://acoda.com/forums/topic/retina-logo-looks-to-small-on-mobile-devices/ i have the same “problme” with the retina logo support.

    2. is their a option to setup a favicon, a apple touch logo or a google tab logo/colorsheme?

    3. is it possible to change the logo in different pages? at the moment i use a white and a orange header BG image and a orange logo. so you know what happends on pages with the orange header BG image 😉 is it possible to control different loho images? i see that its possible to chnage the size of the logo height on every single page. but i can’t find a option to chnage the logo.

    4. Is it possible to move the logo to the left top (to the left side of the menu button?) because my logo is a bit to big for use it under the menu (it overlays the content of the rev slider on the startpage. or is their a option to use different logos for different views (a other logo for smartphones that for the desktop view)? maybe tthe size is the same problem than with the retina logo on desktop?


    1. if i use the 4 colums next to each other at one point they move in pairs of two under each other but the padding between them ar two small. here is a screenshot and you can see it if you resize the window of this page http://you.acoda.com/responsive-wordpress-theme/home-clean/


    2. is it possible to use a real map in the section where you link to google maps? because in case of copyright law i don’t know if it’s save to use a google maps screenshot as a background image.

    3. how does this very cool soundcloud/spotify section works. where can i change the titles and link them. i only see the image and can’t find a option to add a link to the song. but this feature is very, very nice 🙂


    1. if i leave the left seconds footer empty the theme write my page header text (from the wordpress settings) in this field, and this is okay. if i leave the right field empty their are coming the copyrights of your team (incl. Link to your page) if i wrote a single letter or number in it this text is gone. but i want this field complete empty (without any text). is their a setting to leave this feild complete blank?

    2. Same section if i have a text in the right seconds footer the “scroll to top” button always hide a part of the text if you are at the end of the page. is it possible to setting this button in this way that he only show if you scroll and after a short time he hide? so he doesn’t overlay the footer text on the right side.

    3. is it possible to use the icons for social sharing in the footer in the same style like on the contact page http://you.acoda.com/responsive-wordpress-theme/contact-us-clean/ (maybe a shortcode, because on the contact page this style is done with the VC.

    4. is it possible to change the secongs footer BG with theme options or must i work with custom css?

    Very long list but i hope you can help me with this.

    at the end thx angain for this nice theme 🙂

    regards tom



    1. This issue is now being looked into by the developer. We will get back to you once we have more information.

    2. There is no option to set this up from Theme Options

    3. You can customize 2 skins with different logo for each or any customization that you prefer, then on the Page, go to the ‘Skin’ tab and specify a skin you want to apply for that specific page.

    4. This will require custom CSS. If you can send over your site URL, I can check on it.


    1. The padding can be controlled via Row Settings or if you prefer to only apply the padding when they start switching to 2 columns, this can be done via CSS.

    2. I am not quite sure what you want to do with the maps. Can you please elaborate?

    3. Can you please elaborate on this as well and send us a sample?


    1. Just add a space to the ‘Left Column’ or ‘Right Column’ box for the Lower Footer and that should output an empty footer area

    2. Hiding it while not scrolling will require custom codes which we do not have support for. Another option would be to add a margin to the right lower footer via CSS so it does not get overlapped by the arrow, or just fill up the left footer box instead.

    3. You can do it using shortcodes for the social icons or you can use widgets.

    4. This can be done via custom CSS



    Hello and thanks a lot for feedback and here are my answers


    1. okay, i want for solving it.

    2. okay, but maybe a option for the next update because i don’t know any homepage that haven’t this option. Even this forum hast an icon 🙂

    3. okay, try it. thx for the tip.

    4. okay, maybe the logo on mobile retina devices have the same “problem” that in the retina theme logo case. it change his size in the same way than in point 1. maybe your develover take a look on it.


    1. solved.

    2. i want to get save that i can’t get problems with google in case of copywrite laws if i use a screenshot from google. most templates i use use directlly the maps functionality in it (somesthing like google maps api, or something else. Maybe something for a further update?

    3. maybe i explain it in a wrong way. on your demopage http://you.acoda.com/responsive-wordpress-theme/boxed-audio/ you use images for a ausio “galerie” i see where i can change the images can’t finde the option to link this image to the soundcloud or spotify track.


    1. solved.

    2. okay, without a element i can leave it as it is. additional question to this button. have it a hover effect, or where can i change the color of the button? also on smartphone the button “jumps” in the height of the browser bar up/down if you scroll on safari (mobile devices).

    3. solved and works

    4. solved (half). if i add for example .lowerfooter-wrap {background-color: #efefef;} you get a white border on the left and right side. if you remove this padding the footer goes to near to the border on mobile devices 🙂

    5. is it possible to add padding to the widgets? at the moment you have different padding-bottoms widget 1 & 3 have more than 2 & 4). on normal desktop displays you doesn’t see it directlly, but on mobil devices you don’t have the same space between each widget if they stacked under each other.

    thx for support tom

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  dq-8.

    Hi @dq-8

    Here are the answers to your remaining concerns


    2. For the map, I think this is more of a restriction on Visual Composer rather than the theme. Anyway, if you want the full preview of the map instead of a screenshot, there should be plugins available that you can use to add this functionality

    3. Thanks for elaborating on this. The tracks were formatted using the Grid Gallery element then the links to the audio/video were added to the Media URL of the images on the grid. You should be able to see the setup to understand it better if you import that demo.


    2. There is no control for this button yet on Theme Options and the only way to change the color would be via CSS. Also, I have tested this to make sure and the button actually does not appear on mobile

    4. Can you please send over your site URL so we can personally check this as I do not see this issue on your test site?

    5. The padding to the widgets can be added via CSS.


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