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  • Jennifer Lee

    Hi Andy – I'm getting reports that my end users using internet explorer cannot see the images on my posts – they can see the place holders (ie: the page layout seems to be understood by explorer but the images don't come through). I've also tested this on my business partners PC – I have a mac and don't use explorer.

    The issues seems to be within my post using gallary shortcode for grid. They can see the grids on the pages which doesn't use shortcode.

    If you goto http://www.freedog.us and click on the "The Free Dog Cafe" then click onto the Sweet Hill Project (an image with our two dogs in construction gear).. Then click on any of the post using internet explorer.

    This is a major section of our website and our bank who is funding the construction uses this to check on our progress. Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated. I'll change my password back to the weak password for my last issue. izzi2007



    Have you added image height and widths for te gallery – I'm 99% sure that's why that has happened, unfortunately IE is the only browser that can't auto size it's images. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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