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    Some of our main pages use grid gallery for sub-pages (example, http://www.apaienv.com/water-treatment/). The grid items are not linking to the page of the project (example, http://www.apaienv.com/water-treatment/water-treatment-project-1-2-2/). This grid was created by the previous developer and I don’t why he used a grid gallery instead of a post grid.

    We will end up changing over the grids but in the meantime is there a bandaid to hyperlink the grid items to their respective pages?

    Hi @mayberryg

    By default, the image and title on a grid gallery actually links to the post.

    Can you please send over your site’s login credentials so I can check how the page is set up?


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    Hi @mayberryg

    I have checked your page’s setup and I now see the issue.

    Let me explain the issue:

    Here is how a Grid Gallery looks like: http://testarea.acoda.com/dynamix/4155-2/

    On your page, it actually looks the same, however, what you grid actually reveals are the not the actual title and page of each posts. You manually added these images into the posts and you also added a custom heading.

    As an example, here is one of the posts: http://www.apaienv.com/water-treatment/water-treatment-project-5/

    The actual title of this post is “Water Treatment Project 5” and you only added a custom heading that says “Texoma Outfall to Wylie Water ….”

    You can keep the same setup you have now, but you will need to manually add the links to the posts on the images and custom heading. You should be able to add the links to the images and custom heading via Visual Composer if you edit each posts/pages.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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