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  • rtavares

    Hi, i’m having some trouble setting up the a 4 Columns Grid Gallery (just like this one: http://dynamix.creativeworkz.co.uk/4-columns-sortable ).


    I created the gallery page, and then i created the post with the images that are going to show in the gallery.

    My question is: Do i have to put all the images in the same post? Or do i have to create a unique post to every image?


    I tried to create a unique post to every image (for example: 8 images >> 8 posts).

    The 8 images are shown in the gallery page, but when i click on the first thumbnail, the image lightbox pop’s up, and i cannot go to the next image unless i close the image lightbox, and then click on the second thumbnail.

    I’m I doing something wrong?

    How can i set up the lightbox navigation? Going to the next/previous image?




    Any clue about this?

    I read the manual over and over but i can’t figure it out.

    Any help is welcome.




    Do you have a link to your site – they should be individual posts with a featured image set and with lightbox enabled they should all display within the lightbox.

    Hi rtavares,


    or you can achieve the same effect when you use the ‘Gallery Slide Sets’ feature.


    Set up a new slide set & upload e.g. three images. Then go to your normal wp gallery page, scroll down to

    ‘Gallery Data Source’ & choose your ‘Gallery Slide Set’ under ‘Select Slide Set ID’.


    PS: Do not forget to add one or more new categories via “‘New Filter Category’ / Add Category” on the top of the page when you set up your ‘Gallery Slide Set’ & after this select them on every picture within your slide set (‘Filter Category’).


    If you forget this step the option on your normal gallery wp page called ‘Enable Category Filtering’ (under ‘Additional Settings (All Galleries)’ would have no effect.


    Hope this helps. 😉


    yeahhhhhhh!!!! 😀

    It’s working Keyhanjun.

    Thank you guys for the suport.

    You are welcome! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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