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  • Michael McDonald

    We are using grid galleries in pages and the data source is a slide set.

    1. If I use the classic entry it puts the photos above the page content (header, text). I can see from one of your old instructional movies that there used to be a setting to place the gallery above or below the content. That setting is no longer there.

    2. If I use the Visual Composer to set the gallery in the page, it throws an error. What it is doing is putting the NAME OF THE GALLERY in the slidesetid=”” field, so it doesn’t work ( slidesetid=”Agra, India”). But if I shift to Classic Mode where I can see the short code, I can change the slidesetid=”1892” (the id of the slide set). I would like both of these obvious errors fixed.

    VC page looks correct after I change slidesetid by hand: http://watsonworldview.com/agra-india/
    Classic Mode, displays gallery above content: http://watsonworldview.com/world-galleries/agra-india/

    I can find workarounds but it is difficult to explain to my client.

    3. On the desktop version (not mobile), using main WordPress menu, If I have 2 sub-navs (sub-nav, sub-nav of sub-nav), below the main links, the links overlap. We spread out the links among several top level links because of this problem, but it is a problem. I have a screen shot but no way to attach here.


    Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the delay.

    1. Unfortunately that option was in there by mistake. The best option is the Visual Composer method.

    2. I can’t seem to replicate this, I see you’re using 2.0, please update to the latest version of the theme and then update VC as per the guide here: http://acoda.com/troubleshooting-guide/

    3. Please add this to ePix/style.css ( it will be in the next version ) :

    	#primary-wrapper.horizontal-layout #nv-tabs ul ul ul {left:212px;}
    	#primary-wrapper.horizontal-layout #nv-tabs ul ul .dropmenu-icon {right:10px;}
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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