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    I purchased the ePix photograph theme and have been using it since November with no issues. but all of a sudden all the the Elements added from the editor, the content boxes, animations etc, none are working, my basic <H1>’s are working just not the themed elements. I also noticed Visual Composer doesn’t show up in my wordpress admin anymore, and when I click on Frontend i just get the spinning or loading icon and it locks. I am running wordpress 4.5 and from what I can see the plugin is Version 4.7.4. and no updates are seen. This is causing major issues with the live site and my client is quite upset. The website is http://www.harbortg.com.

    I can be reached at acaggio@mac.com, this is also the email that I used to purchase the Theme back in November. I would be willing to pay for you to update the theme, I tried to purchase the $50 date option and have you perform the performance and the security options $90 (as long as you only update the theme base files and not my site’s pages) but I was unable to get the form to work. Please let me know if I can pursue that with you, as this is urgent.


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    Hi @acaggio

    I have removed your name and number from the initial ticket.

    Regarding your issue, the old version of the theme and Visual Composer does not work well with WP 4.5. Please update your theme to the newest version as it also contains the new version for Visual Composer and RevSlider which should fix any formatting issues.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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