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    Is it possible to change the height of the text div that pops up from the bottom in the accordion gallery, just on rollover?

    The default setting is great when the accordion is 'static', but when mousing over and getting the div sliding up from the bottom, it's obscuring some of the picture detail. What I think I really might need to do is reduce the line spacing – just doing it between the excerpt and the 'read more' link would probably do the trick. Guessing it's something to do with the way the text formatting is driving the 'auto' height, as I tried changing the value from auto on style.css fixes the height in both the static and dynamic states.

    btw – forgot to say on my last query – what an awesome theme. Thanks very much!


    Hi Laurie,

    Glad you like the theme!! 

    Yep it's content dependent – are you using posts or the gallery slideset? 

    Edit the style.css and add a new rule at the bottom (this will reduce the padding and line-height, adjust accordingly. 

    .accordion-gallery .excerpt {




    See how you get on with that. You can also disable the readmore link and add your own if you wanted to?


    Thanks, Andy. Worked a treat! Thanks for the fab support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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