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    I’m really loving how the ePix theme is working on my site

    but I’m struggling when it comes to getting some features to work how I want.

    I have been trying to create a portfolio section using the portfolio option in the screen. The initial idea is a main portfolio page with portfolio posts in masonry layout.

    If I fail to add a feature image to the posts they do not show up on the main page masonry view (even if there is an image or gallery in the post itself) Unfortunately if I do add a featured image it is automatically added to the post when viewed, which looks terrible. Is there any way to stop this happening? I see in the docs there is an option to override the featured image by adding a link in the page config area, that is not using VC. The snag though is again that image shows up and also that section is useless for a lot of things as it puts the gallery right at the top. Above even the page title, which looks wrong.

    In addition there seems to be a difference between creating a masonry layout using VC and using the gallery option for the page. If I use the latter I get a lovely masonry layout that runs the full width from menu to the right edge and with images that fill tight to each other. Unfortunately it pushes the page header down to the bottom which is messy. If I use the VC option however by default the tiling has vertical gaps between columns. I managed to overcome this by adding an image width into the gallery. This does not however eliminate gaps between the gallery and menu bar on the left or the gallery and browser window on the right.


    Hi Baron,

    Yes, they will require a featured image. However you can choose to hide the image on the individual posts via Post > Additional > Image in Post / Archive > Set to archive.

    For the VC Gallery, you can edit the row it’s in and add no-margin-top no-margin-sides to the CSS classes field, this will pin to the edges, removing the gaps.


    Ahh. Thank you so much for that. I missed the additional tag. Though I’m not sure I would have guessed that option did what was needed. Case closed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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