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  • Alistair Cowan

    Is there a way you can remove the title from a post that is being displayed in a stage gallery?  I know you use slide set for the testimonials example, but I would like to have my testimonials easy to update from my phone etc., and leaving a categorized post is the easiest method.  Whatever I do, the title allways pops up.


    (great product by the way – not sure if I'm doing it justice yet though).


    Hi Alistair, 

    Unfortuantely not – posts require a title whereas the slidesets don't. Not too much I can do about that, unless you change the CSS to hide all titles in those types of galleries. 

    Alistair Cowan

    Thanks – I've got it working by leaving the post title off, but giving them categories, so easier to view and orgonise.  It's just for testimonials, so is a part time fix – once I've got the entire site in order I'll start looking at the CSS…

    Great theme aswell – keep up the good work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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