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    Could you explain to me why I can’t find/adjust the several examples of the homepage? I expect them to be in the pages overview, but not all of them are there.

    Thanks a lot.

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    right now I have three home example pages active in the menu,
    if I turn them off, will I ever be able to adjust them? Or put them back on active? Or do I need to make it myself?

    Hi @jezus

    Can you please elaborate what you mean by examples of the homepage? We cannot picture out what the issue is. So can you please specify



    In the menu on this preview page is an item called “home”: http://acoda.com/wordpress-theme/?theme=epix

    under the “home” button are five example pages.

    They are visible untill I turn these menu items off myself.

    I wonder, how can I adjust them? or put them back after I disabled them. Only two of them are to be found in the pages overview.



    I can edit these pages in the “pages” overview

    Home (seems to belong to the one-page template?
    Home example III

    while the menu contains more:

    1. Home example I
    2. Home example III
    3. Home example IIII


    and pages Home “example II” and “Home example V” seem to be completely gone after I deactivated them in the menu?

    Hi @jezus

    Can you please send over your site’s URL so I can pinpoint you to the exact links to these pages? You should be able to see all of them under WP Dashboard > Pages but if you want the exact link send over your site’s URL. From our test site, the links to them are:

    Home Example 1 http://yourdomain/epix/fullscreen/
    Home Example 2 http://yourdomain/wordpress-photography-theme/
    Home Example 3 http://tyourdomain/grid/
    Home Example 4 http://yourdomain/home-example-iiii/
    Home Example 5 http://yourdomain/home/


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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