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  • Regan Frank

    Okay. I thought I would post about how I am trying to get the child theme working. I have posted some resources here: http://help.themeva.com/groups/dynamix-support/forum/topic/dynamix-2-8-2-available-1/ that you should read/watch BEFORE you get involved in editing the child theme.

    Here is just what I have done.NOTE: My site is not live yet!!. If yours is, then you need to work another way at trying what I have done, because this WILL BREAK a live site!!. You have been warned.

    1. Using my ftp client I renamed my current DynamiX (version 2.8.1) folder to oldDynamix, and uploaded the latest theme version (2.8.2) folder, which is named DynamiX. 

    I did this so that if I could not get this child/parent thing working, I could simply rename the folders back, and revert to the site that was working, less of course the newest theme. Also, because of how the theme is coded, simply by doing this, I ensured that I was now using the latest version, as the parent theme.  I didnt bother with the DynamiX-Child folder because at this point it is still at Version 1.0 which is the same as I had uploaded when I first installed the theme.

    2. I next activated the Child them in the WP dashboard. 

    At this point if you have already customised your site, using the parent theme, you will notice that all your customisations have gone. Relax they are still available to you in the oldDynamix folder.

    3. My site was now back to its original (without any of my customisations)

    I have started to go through the site from top to bottom and copy, my css customisations into the Dynamix-Child/style.css file. Being abit of a freak, I have actually logged all my changes, a lesson I learnt long ago because of constant theme updates, and have simply copied my changes into the  Dynamix-Child/style.css file.

    Here is my first problem:

    The customised css that I am adding into the Dynamix-Child/style.css is not being loaded. At the top of this file is this: 

    @import url("../DynamiX/style.css");

    This is pulling the css, from the Parent theme, but overiding the custom css I am adding. I have added !important to all the customisations, but this is not working.

    Here is where I need your help.

    Do I

    1: Simply delete the @import url("../DynamiX/style.css"); reference, and copy the whole syle sheet from the oldDynamiX/style.css. If I do this, I know that I will also need to move the oldDynamiX/stylesheets/images folder to the DynamiX-Child/stylesheets/images folder, or else all of the images will break.

    This seems like a lazy way to do this as I seem to think that I should only have customisations in this file, rather than the whole stylesheet. please correct me if I am wrong.

    2: Is there another way to do this?

    And also


    Seeing as you are reading this…

    How do i call in custom html in the header.php.  I have added an image background to the post headers?

    Also I have added extra widget area's in my footer.php and functions.php. 

    How do I add them to the child theme, as customisations.

    Apologies for the long post.

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