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    Hi there,

    i was wondering, how to change the view of the product details; just have a look, you’ll notice that it isn’t that nice, i would like just a h1 title 😉



    how to get a product page in the same layout, as the shop page? http://easyfotozeeland.nl/easyshop/. Because i can’t use vc on a product…

    how about the linking? if i set http://easyfotozeeland.nl/easyshop/ as main shop page in woo commerce settings, it gets overruled by the original woo commerce layout… 🙁 because of that, costumers can’t click back to shop, when they have an empty shopping cart.




    Do you mean you want to remove the styling of the h1 or just have the h1 without the text?

    Unfortunately the single product layout can not be changed too easily. You would have to consult the woocommerce documentation and physically change the code.

    However you can create shop pages with products that add straight to cart. See here for example: http://acoda.com/dynamix/custom-shop-page/

    You would have to import the demo data to see how the page is created.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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