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    I do not like the way the bottom of the page moves up then back down when the Tab Panels collapse during processing (clicking on the second tab, for example).  When I click on a new tab from the list, the bottom of the page rises during processing.  This looks very odd and I would like to stop the tabs from collapsing during processing.  I have tried to fix it myself in CSS but so far am unable to find the fix.  Please show me the CSS code to fix this.  You can see what I am talking about on the home page of http://www.automadic.com.  Just click on the main tabs (Publishers / Advertisiers / Products) and you will see the page collapse during processing.  I need to stop this so that the bottom half of the page remains in place during processing.  I am sure I just need to change a CSS setting in Panels within the Editor.  Please help!



    You'll need to change the animation within the Javascript – the current javascript used is compressed so you'll need to edit the non-compressed version and then re-pack it.

    Edit DynamiX/lib/js/dynamix.js – search for

    $(".dyntabs").tabs({ fx: { height:'toggle', duration:'fast' }  });

    edit so it looks like


    You'll then need to either re-compress the javascript and copy and paste into DynamiX/lib/js/dynamix.min.js or just copy the entire the dynamix.js file into the dynamix.min.js. 

    Hope that makes sense. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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