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  • Andrew Butler

    I posted a comment recently and thought I would give my own follow-up

    Firstly DynamiX is great I am using it here http://designcredo.co.uk/

    A couple of issues though. 

    Dropdown and iframes

    I am using the dropdown to put my contact details but my dropdown (with the dark css style) wasn't showing on iPads. All I could see was the bottom bar dropping, all of the content had disappeared. I eventually found the problem was that I had put a Google map in the text widget and this was in the form of an iframe. Moved the map to a footer widget area and all sorted.

    May save someone some time

    Timthumb and Permissions

    My host is a bit tight on the file permissions (which is fair enough). I am wondering if it is worth pointing out in the documentation how timthumb.php works and that the 'cache' and 'temp' folders need to be written to. As such these folders need appropriate permissions.

    I have read that they need 777 although I have just set mine to 775 and it seems to work. Without this edit the main sliders weren't able to load an image  


    General Memory Needs

    Again my host isn't overly generous on memory and when I first loaded the theme I couldn't access much of the Dashboard, just got white screens or 'Fatal Error" messages. Clearly there is a lot going on in this theme but do you have any baseline guidance for the needs of this themes. I run quite a number of WP sites and this seems quite demanding.

    However the theme is a great hit with viewers so thanks



    Hi AB,

    What version of DynamiX are you using? 

    Normally the hosting doesn't require the other folders to have those permissions – just the cache folder. 

    I have setup DynamiX on quite a few servers and it runs fine with standard memory settings – including standard WP memory settings.

    Andrew Butler

    Yes I take your point about the hosting (and I am changing mine) but my host insists on 750 for folders throughout.

    Sorry I just realise I meant 755 above (not 775) Doh…!

    I will try and mirror my site next week hopefully, on my new host. I will do a compare and contrast.




    Hi Andrew,

    I can recommend clook as a hosting company – it's who I use and they are fantastic. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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