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  • Anne LN

    Hello all, 🙂


    First of all sorry for my bad english…


    For those who are used with forums, you must know in which point Andy is reagent and competent.

    For those who this universe is new, you must know that somewhere else, it's not the same as him because we have here to deal with somebody particularly professional.


    The result having an author so reagent is that our theme evolves in time and is not intended "to die" with the next update of WordPress. Be sure I bought more of one theme than I had to give up because they were not any more update. 🙁


    For all this, I say myself that our duty and our interest is to say to Andy at which point we are satisfied by its services.


    And this morning I was thinking that we have all, as a big thanks, to donate on his paypal. No matter the amount but let us donate what you can because Andy takes a lot of time for us on this forum and is not obliged to do it.


    Then, what if today we made the step so that our Andy will be even more motivated for us all ?


    It was my morning thought. 😉




    Thanks Anne! Hopefully some people may take notice 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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