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  • Frank Weber


    my SEO tool has written the following error to me for the site: “http://fotologbuch.de/fotokurse-workshops-berlin/”

    The page uses the iFrame technology. The search engines can take any content from it. iFrames should ideally be removed.

    What he criticized exactly and it is important or negligible here.

    Thanks und Best regards Frank Weber from Germany (Sorry for the english)

    Hi @frankwwweber

    Like the other ticket you opened, can you specify what URL and where you tested this so we can also personally check and see the issue?


    Frank Weber
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    Thanks for elaborating, Frank.

    I have checked and saw the issues you referred to:
    The iframe is referring to your Amazon Ad, so you can either disregard this is maybe use a more modern ad code from Amazon?

    For the malformed head, following the instructions on the W3C validation errors will help fix that. If you check the recommendations, these are stuffs you can easily do, like:
    – either adding a height value to the images or completely removing them
    – adding space between attributes
    – and others

    You just need to edit the page, look for these images and attributes then fix them. You can switch the Post Editor to ‘Classic Mode’ then use the ”Find’ feature on your browser to look for the elements the W3C validation error identified.

    This issue is not default on the theme. This is on the content you added on your site which is evident if you view the source of the page.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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