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  • Mike Rennie

    Illegal string offset ‘id’ and ‘title’ in core.php on line 204

    Hi guys,

    As I mentioned as part of a reply to a different post, I have been receiving the following errors on EVERY SINGLE PAGE LOAD for almost a week:

    PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘id’ in /home/hpdevcom/public_html/_blog/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/adm/functions/core.php on line 204

    PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘title’ in /home/hpdevcom/public_html/_blog/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/adm/functions/core.php on line 204

    My error logs are becoming massive with screen after screen after screen of these two errors.

    I have now turned off every plugin bar the sliders and Envato Toolkit in the hopes the error may stop, to no avail. Something is definitely going wrong as when I first set my new site up a couple of weeks ago even with lots more content loaded and a tonne of plugins, my server was delivering a page size of over 2 meg in less than 3s. if i turned off some things or turned on W3-Total-Cache the delivery became near instantaneous.

    At the moment with DynamiX with almost all plugins turned off it is taking > 10s to load a page, largely due to wait time while it processes the page. Before I turned off all the plugins if I activated W3-Total-Cache the load wait time would increase to >50s.

    Most notably, if I switch my theme to a different one, without changing any other setting, my page load drops from >10s atm with Dynamix to <1s…

    Please help me solve this issue with DynamiX so that I am able to use this amazing theme to be the face of my business’s web presence. You help would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards, Mike

    Mike Rennie

    Interestingly, with a different theme my admin interface has also gone from taking 15-20s for a page load (10s at the fastest) to 0.5-1.5s to load a page…


    Hi Mike,

    They shouldn’t affect the page load, however I will address them in the next update, they’re just warnings.

    So the removing of note-admin.php ( other post ) in DynamiX/functions.php didn’t resolve it, also just confirm you’ve not got any Flickr information in Theme Options > General?

    What is the front end loading like, is that the same? If so, I’d ask your hosting to see if they can see what the actual delay is.

    0.5-1.5s is what I get on my test servers, it has to be something to do with your server setup and what the theme is loading.

    Jason Bergenske

    Mine is taking 15 – 20s too… Please help. http://www.jjmetro.com

    Mike Rennie

    Jason Bergenske posted an update 9 hours, 41 minutes ago

    Did you figure out why your site was going so slow? Mine is doing the same thing. http://www.jjmetro.com

    Hi Jason,

    Unfortunately, no. Andy (theme creator) said it must be a plugin etc. but I don’t believe that to be the case as I was able to leave everything (plugins, etc.) the same, switch to several other themes and the page load became virtually instant (<3s). As soon as I put it back to this one, it took massive times to load again…

    As much as I really love this theme (hence why I paid $ for it), in the end I decided to switch back to a different theme I had previously purchased. I haven’t had any issues since.

    Sorry I am unable to be of any help.



    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Guys,

    The issue of the time is a wait from the server. The theme and the content is loading in less than a second!

    Please see the results for yourself here.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Mike ( @mike_r ),

    I would love to try to resolve the issue you’re having, it is an isolated issue – I’ve seen in many cases the Theme scoring extremely high load speed scores. Do you have a test server I could work on to see what maybe causing it?

    Travis Van Dyke

    I’m having the same issues. Extremely slow load times. Site is http://www.leanbulk.com/articles. I checked with my host and they said the following. I disabled several plugins, and found that my GTX Metrics page speed drastically increased, however the page load speed is still extremely slow. I also checked in pingdom – http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/d1Bqan/www.leanbulk.com/articles
    And it was a 39 second page load. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I have reviewed the site and it appears to be related to the plugins and themes on the site.

    Upon first visiting the site, I tested the site in GTmetrix. It took GTmetrix about 37 seconds to load prior to any changes. I then temporarily changed the theme to one of WordPress’ default themes and this immediately knocked 10 seconds off of the site load time. I then temporarily disabled all of the plugins on the site and ran the GTmetrix test a third time, this brought the load time down to about 2.5 seconds.

    I then restored the site to it’s previous state prior to any of my changes or tests. I have also included screenshots of each of these 3 GTmetrix tests in my reply.

    In order to correct the issue, we suggest disabling plugins one at a time and testing the site as you have done with sites like GTmetrix. From there, you can continue to disable plugins one by one to see which ones are adding the most amount of load time to your site.

    Unfortunately, as there are so many plugins on the site, we are unable to do this because of the amount of time it would take to investigate each one and because this issue involves third party web development of the scripts and themes and not the server’s services (e.g., Apache, MySQL, etc).

    We do hope that this information is helpful in getting your site back to a speedy state.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


    Matthew M.
    Linux Systems Administrator
    HostGator.com, LLC


    Mine’s pretty slow too. Been trying to figure it out, but not quite sure. P3 is a plugin that helps break it down a bit. Here are my results, in case it’s of any help.

    Total Load Time: 18.5200seconds avg.
    Site Load Time 8.6867seconds avg.
    Profile Overhead: 9.8333seconds avg.
    Plugin Load Time: 0.4888seconds avg.
    Theme Load Time: 1.8074seconds avg.
    Core Load Time: 6.0025seconds avg.
    Margin of Error: 0.3881seconds avg.
    (18.5200 observed, 18.1320 expected)
    Visits: 1
    Number of PHP ticks: 16,379 calls avg.
    Memory Usage: 178.25 MB avg.
    MySQL Queries: 329 queries avg.

    Why so long? I dunno, it’s all over my head. But it’s a start.

    I was also informed that I’m abusing my server, according to my host, “your site appears to be reaching some of the limits we have in place for PHP processes. This is indicative of an issue with the coding, usually, on a wordpress site, caused by an inefficiently written plugin or theme.”



    Are either of you guys using Flickr?

    Most of the issues appear to be coming from the plugins you’re using, it’s not the theme itself. See here for the demo site and it’s on a normal shared server with woocommerce, revolution slider and buddypress plugins enabled.


    @leanbulk as pingdom suggests, you have incredibly long wait times from the server – either a plugin is retrieving data from another server which is running slow or it’s your hosting.

    Travis Van Dyke

    I’m switching hosts over the next 24 hours so we shall see. In the mean time I was messing around with plugins and found something interesting. When I had W3 total Cache activated, my page load time on Pingdom was over 35 seconds. But my GTMetrix Page Speed grade was an A, and YSlow was a high C.

    Then I deactivated W3 Total Cache, and my page load time dropped to 7 seconds. But now my GTMetrix Page Speed and YSlow both dropped do a D score. Can’t seem to get a win here…

    Travis Van Dyke

    I disabled minify in W3 Total Cache. Result:

    Pingdom page load stayed at 7 seconds. GTMetrix Page Speed score increased to a B, Yslow increased to a C. Getting better.

    Travis Van Dyke

    As an FYI there is a plugin called – P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler
    You install it, scan your site and it tells you which plugins add to load time. Ironically the two biggest for me are:

    1. WP Touch Mobile (since this theme sucks on mobile, this is necessary)
    2. Envato WordPress Plugin (the plugin needed to update this theme)



    What do you mean it “sucks on mobile”? It doesn’t require WP touch mobile at all! Pre DynamiX 3.0 it wasn’t responsive, now it adapts to any mobile device.

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