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    Another question that probably has a really simple answer… Once I’ve laid out my homepage to match your demo one… how do i add links to external URL’s to my posted images…


    in the ‘womens’ section under the twitter feed… I’d like to make the image point to another URL…

    what code do i need to add to all the shortcode text?

    The resaon that i’m adding all these external links, is because we are using your theme as a glossy front end to a retail store… so every image will need to be clickable!



    Flickapix Dezign

    [my img shortcode]

    just make it into single line not multi line like this editer decided to do`pre type=”xml”`
    <a href=”http://mytargeturl.com”>[shortcode]</a>


    Thanks for the reply… but then where would i add that to the accordian shortcode that i already have… where does it go in respect to the image filename etc…

    Sorry if i’m being simple!


    Dan, I’ve found using the PHP snippet is better than the XML-HTML one. I’ll remove the other options.

    Within the accordion panel, where the image shortcode is, wrap the a tag around it.


    [accordion] [panel title=” TITLE1 “] <a href=”link-to-some-where.html”> [imageeffect type=”shadowreflect” width=”200″ height=”120″ shadow=”shadow-xsmall” alt=”test” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/3D-Design-Alt.png” ] </a> [/panel] [/accordion]

    Flickapix Dezign

    sorry mark,the code i gave was for an individual image or text,didnt realise you wanted the accordian :0

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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