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    I am wondering if and how to import fonts that are not included in Goggle fonts for headers, and main body type.

    Also, can you tell me where to change the colors and if possible the pattern of the startup icon. Meaning the icon that appears when loading a new page or the website itself. I cant seem to find that within the template.

    Love this theme, I am rookie at this but your product sure makes it easy to create really badass pages once you figure it out. Makes me feel like a pro. ok probably more like the b-team in the semi-semi pro league.




    Hi @jaygearing

    There is no easy way to import the other Google Fonts using the theme/Theme Options. You can either manually load the fonts via Javascript or you can use plugins to help you with it. Two examples of these plugins are and

    For the preloader animation, the color is dependent on the link color you will specify for the theme which can be changed via Appearance > Customize. For the “look” it will require a lot of code customization to replace it which we do not support, so the best route would be to add your own preloader again either manually or using another plugin.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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