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  • sergio esquivel

    Hi, i have a couple of questions regarding the 3D Gallery.

    my site, by the way is: http://www.calidadpersonal.com.mx

    1) Where does the "Info" comes from? i have posted several posts with text and info, and the 3D gallery shows the picture, and has the right link, but when i select INFO it shows nothing more than 3 straight dots "…" i wonder what do i need to do, to get the info to display correctly.

    2) Since my site is a site on spanish lenguage i was wondering if i could change those lavels (info, start, stop, link)  to some lavels in spanish like (informacion, siguiente, detenlo, link) ???

    Thank You




    Unfortuantely those elements are built into the Piecemaker flash file. You could try doing a search in google for translating Piecemaker 2 and see if someone has done it already?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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