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  • Klaas Norg

    Still having problems crashing the iPad air on pages with the grid gallery. Both on Safari and Chrome. Turning off Responsive Design helps. It doesn’t crash anymore. But then the site is not accessible on the iPhone anymore and the iPad in portrait mode.

    Could you please turn off the responsive design on the iPad when it is in landscape mode?? Let’s say anything below 1000px turns into responsive design? Or even better, handle the crashing issue in the responsive design.




    As mentioned on the comments. I believe it’s due to the background image and transparency. The image is fixed and therefore mobile devices sometimes struggle with them. It’s a well known but with the mobile browsers but to date, nothing has been done about it.

    Does say http://epix.themeva.com/portfolio and then try http://epix.themeva.com/portfolio?preview_skin=WhiteOrange crash for you?

    Klaas Norg

    Both work fine.

    I did some tests with different settings. Now I got turned on Lazy Load and set a limit of pictures to load to 20. It seems to work ok now.
    I updated from 1.2 version to the latest and that lazy load thingy wasn’t available in the 1.2 version. That function seems to make the problem go away. I will test it for a week in this configuration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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