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  • Laurent Wiart


    I’m enjoying very much You theme but I’ve one issue: how do I link to an anchor in a one page from another page?

    1- From header menu
    – I have a home page with 3 slides with following anchors: #slide1, #side2, #slide3, and a header menu for this page. Clicking in the menu entries works fine. I get to the corresponding slide (vertical 3D effect)
    – I do have other pages (non OnePage) on which I set another menu, and I want to have menu entries to go to #slide2 and #slide3 of home page.
    Unfortunately, if I have in this menu something like “page_id=MYPAGEID#slide2” or “page_id=MYPAGEID#slide3”, it will always load the first slide of my home page but won’t rotate automatically to the corresponding anchor…

    2- From buttons in the OnePage
    I want to create buttons on the first slide of my home page, but no matter how I create the link in the buttons (either I put the link “#slide2” or “page_id=18#slide2”, it doesn’t work:
    – with “#slide2” as a link, the button click won’t do nothing
    – with “page_id=18#slide2” as a link, the button click will reload the page but won’t rotate automatically to slide2

    FYI, I use vertical 3D as a transition between the slides.

    Thanks for your help,

    Hi Lauren,

    Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so it’s easier for us to see what you have done so far?


    Laurent Wiart


    Unfortunately, this is a web portail on an intranet, so there is no access possible from “outside”.
    I could organize a skype/webex if that would be possible.

    Otherwise, here are more technical information (too bad I can’t attach files, I would have added screen caps to make it clearer):
    – First of all, I have configured the Global setting “Permalinks” to “Plain”: –> example http://innovation.voluntis.com/?p=123 (I need it this way because I do have a wpDataTable table in which there are links to post numbers, thus I can’t use the setting Permalink “Post name”.
    I also tried to deactivate all my plugins but one: WPBakery Visual Composer. Same problem.

    – My home page is a page, on which I do have 3 rows:
    First has Anchor link name = “home” (without the quotes)
    Second has Anchor link name = “browse-ideas”
    Third has Anchor link name = “create-idea”

    – In the first row, I do have 2 buttons:
    First button called “Submit idea” with URL = “#create-idea”
    Second button called “Browse ideas” with URL = “#browse-ideas”
    –> nothing happens when I click on those buttons. Example: If I click on the first one, the URL becomes “http://innovation.voluntis.com/#create-idea” but page doesn’t switch (vertical 3D) to the third slide whose Anchor link name = “create-idea”
    If I click on the top menu entry, it will work: URL becomes “http://innovation.voluntis.com/?page_id=18#create-idea”

    – I also have 2 top menus: one for the home page (with the anchor links that work), and one for the other website pages, where the
    On home page, MainMenuOnePage has 2 links for slides 2 and 3
    link whose URL config is “#browse-ideas”
    link whose URL config is “#create-idea”
    On other pages of my website, MainMenu has 2 links for slides 2 and 3
    link whose URL config is “?page_id=18#browse-ideas”
    link whose URL config is “?page_id=18#create-idea”

    When one of those 2 is clicked, it loads the home page, but won’t rotate to the slide 2 (the “browse-ideas” one).

    Thanks in advance for your help, I would help very much, since I spent countless hours on that.

    Hi Laurent,

    It will be really tough to check this without personally checking the site but we will try. Can you please upload the screenshots to tinypic.com or any image repository?

    If the page is set as homepage, ?page_id=18 is normally not suffixed to it anymore, so there is possibly a misconfiguration somewhere.

    Another option would be to export your data from this intranet site and import it to a dummy site just so we can personally check and test the issue.


    Laurent Wiart


    I didn’t find time to set up the wordpress install in another server, accessible from outside.

    But I did a simple test (see screen caps available at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6155996/You%20issue%20with%20buttons%20in%20OnePage.zip):
    – A first row with anchor name “block1” and with a button whose link is “#block2”
    – A second row with anchor name “block2” and with a button whose link is “#block1”

    And set the Animate Type to “3D Vertical” –> the first button won’t rotate the second page and the other way around.
    But if I set the Animate Type to “Normal”, then the page will scroll back and forth by clicking on the buttons. The problem is related to the 3D vertical/horizontal Animate Types.

    I guess you could create the same kind if simple page and let me know if this works with You?

    Does this help?

    Hi Laurent,

    I copied the setup and it looks like the issue is also happening on our test site. The button does not work on the 3D vertical page but works when set to Normal.

    I will forward this to the developer to investigate further. We will get back to you once we have an update on this.


    Laurent Wiart


    Thanks for your feedback. No problem, in the interim, I’ve set up several pages instead of a OnePage.


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