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  • Idan Shem Tov

    Hello All,

    I've just installed the template and had a bit of tweaking.

    I'm having a major problem with all image related features.

    The galleries simply won't display the images but when I click an empty image spot the lightbox opens up correctly with the image.

    It works fine for videos as well.

    The images in the galleries or image effect -> frames won't show the image.

    I've checked all possible solutions through the troubleshoot but couldn't find a solution.



    Please help

    Thank you



    Please check this page for help. http://help.themeva.com/troubleshooting/dynamix-troubleshooting/images-not-showing/

    I've take a quick look at your image paths and they are missing the /

    vojin p.

    Does it matter how the image was placed in WP?

    More specifically, is there a difference if you just place it via window explorer (or similar) file manager into the wordpresswp-contentuploads directory or do you need to go through WordPress | Media | Add New?

    I have noticed some images display fine with copy/paste and sometime i must upload via Media link above.

    Perhaps you might want to take a look at that Idan.

    Flickapix Dezign


    this threads been resolved,

    how the images get to the server arent relevant in this case,i

    t seems to be the path to the image on the server thats causing this and looking at the site in question Idan has resolved it.  😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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