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  • Fernando

    I know I already sent this through Private message but I just want to make sure you guys will be able to see this urgently, and to see if there is anyone else that can help or contribute on this.

    The site im working on is on an intranet network, to be specific, we created our own hosting and static IPs, etc…

    This site that is going to be launched hopefully in a couple of weeks is going to have around 10.000 visits per month.

    We were looking for a way to reach people and engage them diffrently, thus the choice of your theme.

    We already have another WP blog that recives that kind of usage and runs pretty great but it uses WP 2.8 and we cant change that version or add any plug ins because is part of another, larger system we cant touch

    Anyway so the problems we are facing are two:

    1.Performance: the back end is running very very slow and we have almost no content in the blog or in the pages to be causing that.

    For example it takes almost 30secs to load the new blog post page. We tried uninstalling IIS and doing apache. resetting the server, reinstalling the theme, reinstalling WP, added RAM to server, setting the database in another partition, changing proxy settings, domains, IPs, etc and nothing worked. But if we changed the theme to the basic one (twenty eleven) the performance will boost up. so is definetly your theme that is affecting only the back end. the front end is not super fast but just fine.

    2.The topic we are talking in the forum, the "By…" showing everwhere. I'm doing all this by hand but as u can see the lines still exist and this is causing mayor issues if we add content. Also if I go the Blog page the previews for each blog post will show authors and we dont want that.

    Can you help us with any support on this please?

    It will be greatly appreciated and compansated via Paypal Donate button for sure.

    Hope to hear from your ASAP since our target date to launch this is April 17th. Good thing is that nothing is migrated yet so we have a lot of opportunities to delete, modify and mess with everything before the launch.

    Thanks again!

    -Fernando C.


    Hi Fernando,

    1. The backend performance seems unusal – I've not experienced any issues with this or received any other reports. What plugins do you have installed alongside the Theme.

    2. I'm going to login to the other users account to see what is going on – I can't seem to replicate the issue on my server but I will get to the bottom of this shortly and release an update. 


    StatPress, JWPlayer and just a couple of days ago I recently installed Exclude Pages from Navigation (which shouldnt be causing any issues either since I had the issues from earlier)

    I deactivated one by one but the issue persists.

    If you need to login into my server and dig around let mw know and maybe we can create a remote session whenever you can.



    Hi Fernando,

    I'll take a quick look for you but I'm not convinced it's to do with the Theme directly. It is heavier than most Themes out there (much more going on) but I've not had any complaints and my servers run fine. 


    Let me know when can you take a look on it, and Ill do a quick remote session for you to see what I see.

    Also can I have the code that makes the line on pages with the other issue?

    I did this:

    Search for <?php if($DYN_authorname) { ?>

    Replace with

    <?php if($DYN_authorname!='disable') { ?>

    But as you can see there is still a weird line:


    What is the code to disable that line?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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