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  • bgardgraphics


    I have thoroughly enjoyed this theme and it is the best designed and functioning theme I have come across thus far. I have a few question concerning the updates of the theme. How do I know when updates to the theme are available? Do I go back to themeforest.net (envato) to install the updated themes. Also, do you know when you’ll be pushing the update for visual composer to the theme? And what is currently the most up to date version of You theme? I currently am running You 1.5.1.

    Thanks for such a great theme and invaluable customer support!

    Hi @bgardgraphics

    You will be notified via email if there’s a new update of the theme.

    There are two ways of updating theme, either via Envato ToolKit or FTP Client. Please check this link http://docs.acoda.com/you/2016/03/10/updating-the-theme/ for more information.

    As for the Visual Composer, the update is already on its final testing. Hopefully, it will be released on the coming weeks.

    The latest version of YOU theme is 1.5.1.


    Brian Wohn

    It seems the YOU theme is running slower as I’ve updated 1-2 WordPress versions since the last upgrade. Why has there not been an update since June 2017 – even a minor one? Are you discontinuing the theme, should I go back to Dynamix which seems to run much faster?

    Hi @bwohn234

    There has been no reports of the theme slowing down from other customers. Please send over your site’s URL so we can test the site.

    An update is pending for the theme, but as of the moment, the major update for Dynamix is the priority.


    Brian Wohn


    Thanks for checking… this is the only one that is extremely slow though – I turned off plugins, etc and still slower. Its on the same server as the others as well.



    Hi @bwohn234

    I tested the site and the results are here: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/z9m0C/http://hammerheadwoodworks.com

    If you check the speed is actually pretty decent considering the size. Also, if you check the Request by Domain, only 30% of the item loaded are from your domain’s server. The remaining 70% is from the external sources which means your server does not have control over majority of what is being loaded.

    You can minimize the external sources or move them to the server.


    Brian Wohn

    Thanks for checking it out… not sure the size though? Its a pretty small website?

    And I’m not sure what the 70% external sources are – its just the YOU theme with a WooCommerce (very little products)… can you tell me what that might be – maybe thats the problem?

    Thanks much!

    Brian Wohn

    One more thing… when scanning it with WordFence, I get this critical error:

    Should I restore it back, or is this because of the theme’s custom changes?

    WordPress core file modified: wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php
    Filename: wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php
    File Type: Core
    Issue First Detected: 18 hours 11 mins ago.
    Severity: Critical
    Status New
    This WordPress core file has been modified and differs from the original file distributed with this version of WordPress.

    View the file.
    Restore the original version of this file.
    See how the file has changed.

    Hi @bwohn234

    There is no need to restore a backup of the site. You can just download a new copy of the WordPress Core files then upload it to your server to replace all the current WordPress Core files with the new one.

    Regarding the Pingdom results, you can see all these elements at the ‘Requests by domain’ section. You can see that majority of the external resources are from Facebook, Gravatar and Google Fonts.

    Also, one thing I failed to point out is that images on your site take up about 1.4MB of the total 1.5MB. You can optimize the images on your site so they will be compressed and they’ll load faster. Adding a caching plugin will also help in this.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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