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  • Thomas Keller

    Hi Andy

    if I use "latest articles" as start page, the first image of the article is shown as you see in image1 here.

    On the site with article details it look like her image1.

    Is it possible to change layout for the start page, so that it looks like details site? Will say: image left, smaler and text around image?

    I think it is only a css change right?

    It would be great if you can give me a help.

    Thank you


    Semih Sevinc

    Hello Thomas,

    I think you could create a new page as start page and use the recent_posts shortcode within it. It has some options and maybe it's exactly what you want.




    Good idea Semih! Tom other than that you would require a bit of customisation on the blog pages. 

    Thomas Keller

    Thanks Semih for your idea. But it is not the solution. If I do it that way and klick per example on a tag or a category, I go to another site, that looks not similar as the recent post widget. 

    I updatet to 2.8.8 and now I am absoluty frustrated. There are so many problems, more than I had before. I like the theme, realy, but if I cant fix the problems I am thinking about changing to another theme ….

    To Andy. 

    If you can give me a little help I will try to du the customisation on the blog pages.

    I open a new post for the upgrade problems 



    There are no issues with the new version (non that are apparent anyway) – it's more likely an install issue than anything else. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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