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  • Ulf Kohlmorgen

    When I use only paragraphs in a text on a page it's displayed perfectly fine but when I add  

    to the text (html edit mode) to format it a bit more, such a page will be shifted about 8 pixel to the left when it's reloaded the next time.

    DynamiX v2.8.3, WordPress 3.2.1

    It isn't releated to the newest DynamiX version, I've seen this behavior before.

    I'm using PS Disable Autoformatting, so WordPress isn't inserting anything else into the html code.

    Any hints why this is happening?



    Can you provide an url ? I could then analyze it and maybe find the solution for you. 

    What OS + browser are you using ?

    Ulf Kohlmorgen
    It was a scrollbar issue….

    Solved 😉

    DynamiX-Child / style.css:

    /* Always show a scrollbar to avoid the page left shift */

    body { overflow: scroll; }
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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