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  • Ryan Moyer

    In a slide set we can click on an image contained in that slideset and enter a link URL. Then, when a user hovers over that image they will see a link icon that they can click to go to that link.

    However, this link URL appears to only be pulled from the image in the slide set manager. That means if I have an image in 6 different slide sets, I have to go in to each of those 6 slides sets and add the URL there. Obviously this gets out of hand quickly with a lot of images.

    There is a field for link URL in the media tab of wordpress, but adding a link there does not appear to do anything. That would make things much simpler. Is there a way to use that or maybe default to that if it’s not set in the slide set manager?

    Hi Ryan,

    If you used images from the Slide Set, the images will be dependent on what’s specified on each images from the Slide Set Manager. If you want to use the default link URLs specified on the images from the Media Library, it is best to use a Grid Gallery element on the page and use ‘Image Selector’ as the data source.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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