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  • Hello,

    since updating dynamix, the links in that textarea to the right of the main picture on my homepage are not linked anymore. Just plain Text.

    Can someone help please?


    Thanky you! Christian

    (I removed the links, because they where shown in plain text right now…)


    Hi Christian,

    This was removed because of issues it was causing with having HTML tags within excerpt text. Someone else has mentioned this so I will look into it again to make it better but it can be got round by using Gallery Slide Sets instead. 

    Hi Andy,

    hm, the space right next to the main picture is quite large. So I guess many people would like to style the text using HTML. At least some linebreaks. What are your plans. I really need to add linebreakes, 😉 if you have a look at: http://www.ecf-center.de

    Thank you!


    Hi Andy, do you have a solution? Ch.


    Hi Christian.

    In 2.8.9 I've added the ability to add HTML for the Gallery Excerpt Text. So if you add the shortcode in for horizontal break and make sure the Shortcode is enabled for Excerpt via the DynamiX -> General Settings admin page. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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