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  • Thomas Keller

    I have lots of problems after the update. Much more than before the update.


    I absolutely need to use the opportunity Fancybox. Since the update it does not work, calling Fancybox. I have disabled all plugins but Fancybox does not work. That's a big problem for me.

    Images in articles with shortcode

    I thought it would be possible again after the update to display the first image in a post on the blog page. The image is inserted wiht a shortcode. I have set the option Excerpt shortcodes to enable into general settings. However, it does not work. There are no images appear in the excerpt, which are inserted with shortcode. I've changed the excerpt script to an old version. Now you can see the pictures again. But this is not the intention of the update I think.

    After installation of the old scripts it looks like this: http://www.pkl.com.web41.ims-firmen.de/blog/ Thats the way it should look. I think that the new script does not work correct.

    Slider with articles

    See http://www.pkl.com.web41.ims-firmen.de/ On the home page I have a slider with articles from the blog. It is a "text" slider. The image (inserded by shortcode) is displayed in the text, but the shadow is too deep. That was not so before the update.

    Here http://www.pkl.com.web41.ims-firmen.de/blog/ the shadow is correct.

    About Author

    About the Author box should not appear. I set Author Bio box on Disable in settings page, but the box still appears. How can I disable the box?


    Hi Thomas,

    My apologies for the issues you're encountering. 

    I'll start with fancybox – there is a padding parameter missing (not sure if this is an option wthin the admin) but it's missing and causing the script to fail. 

    As for the excerpt, I'll have to test again but this was working with the new script. I've bookmarked this thread and will resolve the issues. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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