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  • Phil Pendlebury

    Great Theme thank you.

    I have a couple of problems, to which which I cannot find answers here, I will posts sperately.

    1. Sidebars.

    I have 2 sidebars full of widgets.

    I have a Page and I simply set the page layout config to 2 column left and right. The margins at either side show no widgets at all.

    If I switch back to 1 column right – all widgets from sidebar 1 show up fine

    If I switch to 2 column right – only 1 set of widgets show up

    L/R – No widgets just blank margins.

    I have tried all possible options I can think of in the theme set up (I spent 8 hours on this yesterday thinking I must be doing something wrong).

    Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

    Thank  you.

    Phil Pendlebury

    I should add that this is withe fresh test install with no plugins and only a basic page and test blog post.

    Using the child theme or main theme seems to make no difference.


    Phil Pendlebury

    I should also add that the LR sidebars show up fine on Blog posts and Categories etc. It is just on PAGES where I am getting this issue. I have just set up another plain test site – no plugins etc. and same issue.

    Phil Pendlebury


    I have finally found (after reading some clues) the "+ Sidebar coinfigurationI box which is underneath the column config for each page.

    The clue was on the demo page:

    "Any sidebar created can be applied to any column allowing unlimited combinations."

    Leading me to think that columns arnd sidebars are actually two separet enities and that columns are NOT automtaically populated with sidebars.

    Sorry for all the posts.



    Hi Phil,

    I'm glad you got this sorted. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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