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  • Randy Klein

    Hi There,

    I’m seeing a few bugs In the latest update of ePix. They are:

    1. One page I have the gallery on is: https://www.randykleinphotography.com/the-doherty-family/. The images are set to layout in two column, but they are rarely doing that. I’ve tested this in both FF and Chrome. Here is a screenshot of the grid gallery settings and a here is a GIF of the problem. I just recently updated to the latest version of the ePix theme and the latest version of wordpress. I was a few versions behind on both. After the update is when I started noticing the issue.

    2. Some of the VC form elements don’t actually save. For example, if I add a “data grid”, and then enter a category into the “Narrow Data Source” field, and then save the VC form, when I open the VC form back up, the data sorce is not actually saved. I’ve also seen a similar issue when selecting a slide set in the grid gallery.

    Thanks for the help!

    Hi @randyklein

    Can you send again the screenshots as it seems you haven’t attached those to this ticket?

    Also, please send your login credentials so we can check on this further from our end.


    Randy Klein
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    Hi @randyklein

    I do not see an issue with the grid layout other than the slight delay on the images adjusting to the new width of the browser as also shown the GIF you sent. If you want a more fluid switch, can you try to use a “Masonry Media Grid” element instead and check if that behaves better.

    For the second issue, I am not seeing it from my end. Can you please specify and elaborate further on this? Have you tried to disable all your plugins just to check if any of them could be causing the issue too?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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