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  • Shailendra

    I have Slider Gallery added from Shortcode it is using Gallery slide set to bring in the images.

    Total images: 8

    changes to be made 

    1. Removal of Right & Left Navigation.

    2. left over space of Left & Right navigation should be utilised by the gallery , so that the right & left  borders of the gallery are aligned to rest of the page.

    3. as their are 8 images, after first 6 images are slided (in group of 3 images ) when the last  2 images slided their is empty space where i need to fit in the 1st image.  css or JS? how can i achive it ?

    4. finally the entire effect it slides 3 images & then stops for pre-defined Slide Timeout & then slides again, instead of this it should scroll slowly & continiously (without stoping) in loop . can this be done or is their anyplugin you would like to recommend for this.?



    Unforunately I can't extend my support to cover modifications – but some of the requests you have there will not be possible anyway. 

    This site is only for support and not customisations, if you need customisations you'll need to hire a developer. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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