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  • vojin p.

    is there an export utility for the migration as the theme is not moving the slide sets

    or perhaps an easier way to migrate than redoing it all?

    standard wp export -> import is not taking the slide sets or the images.

    i copy/pasted the entire uploads dir to the server and the images are on the server. 

    the back end theme code or whatever you call it is what needs to be transferred also.



    Hi Vojin,

    Unfortunately the WP export is very basic, it won't copy across sidebar data either. (They really need to improve it). The best practice for moving from server to server is using the phpMyAdmin to copy the SQL database and upload the wp-content/uploads folder from your test server. This is the only sure way to include everything. 

    vojin p.

    ok thanks andy

    i sent you a pm few days ago regarding some image issues. as login and pw is in there i could not post it here.

    i appreciate your speedy reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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