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  • Ken Poindexter

    Hello Andy,

    How do I get my video from my post to also show on my Blog page?  I have the Blog configured to display Full Post.  Thanks for your help.

    Ken P.

    Ken Poindexter

    When I set the Blog Settings Post Content to Excerpt + First Image/Custom then the post video shows but the slideshows I embedded in other posts with shortcode does not.  When I set it to Full Post then the video in the doesn't show but the slideshow does in the other post.  Cna you please help to get both to show?

    Thanks again.

    Use the option "Full post" on the "Blog Settings" page but then on the posts (in the backend of WP) ignore the box "Post Image / Gallery Options" for your videos & only use the "Shortcode Generator" for your videos. So everything you add (Text/Videos/Images/Sliders, etc.) goes directly & only to where the "Shortcode Generator" puts his generated shortcodes. I mean the standard TinyMCE box in WordPress (use the Visual mode when using the "Shortcode Generator").



    Hope this helps. 😉
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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