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  • Aare Udras

    I do love this e-pix theme a lot. But I need a help.
    Im absolutely new in webpages etc. I wanted to create mine own blog and portfolio page, but now it feels like it is a mistake. I spent a hell of the time and no success, at least yet. But… I still did not giving up.
    For better understandig of mine questions I added mine page draft here – http://www.udras.eu

    I have several questions and some problems:
    Blog –
    1. If to have more posts than fits on one page in Blog, it should show in a beginning of the page and in the end of the page links to older and links to newer posts. How to switch this on?
    2. In some reason even with Lightbox switched on, in blog page it opens image on uploads page, I would like to swith that option off. I would keep it only on Blog page or if it opens than in normal Lightbox. How?
    3. I would like to move the Post Metadata from left of image to the right
    4. I would like to have an easy option to create blog post name from Photo tags
    Grid gallery mode –
    1. I want to create a grid gallery page of all images and videos used in blog posts. This page should identify images, theirs name, tags etc. It does not work. I did use Pages, Add Gallery, Grid, Post Categories, marked Post Categories I wished . How to get it working?
    2. If to use several Slide Sets is that possible and how that Grid gallery would mix those images not keeping them together by set?
    3. Principally I would like to use all images upload via Media Upload, after that using images in Posts to Blog, from where it goes automatically to different Grid Galleries.
    Slideshow pages-
    1. How to fix portrait layout photos to be fit on the screen of first page in slideshow?
    2. … and how to get them positioned in left, center or right?
    3. How to fix the panorama photos to be fit and to be positioned up, down, center in showing area in slideshows?
    4. How to switch on next/prev order with using arrows on keyboard in slideshow mode? Now is possible to move faster than given time in slideshow only by clicking on certain markings. Mine wish is to swich on also moving back or further to next image also with arrows on keyboard.
    5. If to use a lot of images of several slidesets, how to swich images to be shown in random mode?

    Importing images –
    1. How to import photos to Medialibrary into selected categories? How to create there new categories?
    2. How to import photos to Medialibrary with previously given tags?
    3. Is it possible to create a category and Tag (metadata) tree in administrator view in places where you need those, as in all photoprograms?

    Lightbox – How to change Lightbox frame and backround visibility?
    Search – How to switch on that page search could look also into a image tags etc? Now looks search only in posts name area.
    Templates and copies –
    1. How to create post and page drafts, templates?
    2. How to create a copy of the some page for backup and also for a template ? … post?

    I still want to get this page working as wished. But I need you help for that.

    Tom ( Support)


    Not to worry, I can help you through things.

    Unfortunately I cannot view a page if it is a draft.

    1. Pagination will automatically be enabled when you have more than 10 (I think) posts.
    2. You need to set the blog images as Featured Images for this to appear. Edit the page > Scroll down and featured image is on the right column.
    3. This is not possible to do, the options you have are either left or below title. Change this within Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Post Metadata Align
    4. I am not sure what you mean by this? You can create a blog post within the WordPress admin under Posts > Create New. You can then add tags to it on the right hand side.

    Grid Gallery
    1. Once you have set the post images to featured images, this can be done. Create a grid gallery, set the datasource as posts categories. It will not show the tags, but you can choose from image, text and title.
    2. If you created more than one Slide set, you can select multiple ones within a gallery. It would not muddle them, just list them in the order you set.
    3. You can upload images using the media upload, set them as a featured image, then have a grid gallery pull in the category of images.

    1. It is not advised to mix different sizes of images within a gallery as either the gallery will try to resize or the image will not look right if the gallery is set up for landscape images for example.
    2. When editing a gallery, you can set the align of the gallery.
    3. You cannot position images within a slider, they will automatically be placed in the center.
    4. Andy (theme developer) is looking at putting this into the next big update of ePix.
    5. This is not possible to do.

    Importing Images
    1 + 2 + 3. The WordPress media Upload does not give you the option for these.

    1. You can customize the lightbox using CSS but this is not a standard theme option and is classed as a customization. You can view the comprehensive Custom CSS screencast here, this will give you more information on how to customize elements. On the other hand, you can request customizations through the customization forum here.

    1. The standard WordPress search only looks for pages and posts, unless there is a plugin you can use I do not think this is possible as images are uploaded dynamically.

    Template and copies
    1. You can create a page or post and set it as a draft, at the top left of the right hand column when editing a page.
    2. You can use this neat little plugin to duplicate pages and posts, or you can save a template using Visual Composer.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

    Aare Udras

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks. I have got blog images gallery working.
    Im ready to jump into customisation to get all things fixed for me, as Im not an IT guru:).
    But before that:

    1. Blog text is white on white. how to fix it?
    2. Blog Comment areas (blocks) are not visible on white. how to fix?
    3. Got an e-mail about update of e-pix, but how to install it?


    Tom ( Support)


    Please post all of your customization questions in the customization forum here or else they will not get noticed.

    1. Not sure what you mean by this, can you not just changed the background color? Do you have a link to the page you are referring too?
    2. Again, without a URL I am not too sure what you mean.
    3. To update to the latest version of ePix, please follow the documentation here.

    Kind regards,

    Aare Udras
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    Tom ( Support)

    What do I get?
    Basic to medium level theme customizations to the – see some examples below:

    a) You wish to insert some custom code, it doesn’t display properly or want to know where to place it.
    b) You would like to modify a theme element e.g. custom fields to the contact form, element widths.
    c) You would like to change the functionality of an existing element e.g. display animated text overlay for grid galleries permanently with a different background color.

    Additionally to this,

    d) You’ll be able to download some great little page templates to use on your site. *
    e) You can request tutorials or page templates / layouts ( visual composer ) e.g. a testimonial page.
    f) Vote for future features and receive them before they’re launched with the official theme. *
    g) Access to all posted customizations for use on your site.

    The monthly fee covers all themeva themes only. I will not be counting the customizations per user, however the service is based on a fair use policy. If a user is seen to be abusing the service, they will be asked to cease doing so and may even have their requests removed.

    Fair use will be based on approximately 10 customizations per month, per user.
    Please keep this in mind when posting your questions, we cannot answer everything and if it is out of scope we cannot either. Please make sure you read the customzation page thoroughly before signing up.

    You can sign up to customization here and once sign up, start posting here.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

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