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  • Matthew Fleishman

    I just installed the theme and have spent the last two days working on the site. I have had real problems with the Gallery Slide. There are three problems. 

    1. No matter what picture I use I can never get a picture to appear in the first slide.

    2. When I slide through the gallery on IE9 the pictures disappear and the screen is black.  They remain on Fire Fox.

    3. On every post the gallery is supposed to be a picture which when clicked will start a video.  On some of the slides the picture is the opening shot of the video (which is wrong and not what I wanted) while on others it is the picture that I told it to be.

    Please help

    Matthew Fleishman

    The site is http://www.cheesynoodle.com/


    Hi Matthew,

    1. The first image displays fine for me? 

    2. I can't test with IE at this moment in time but have you set a width / height for the images on that gallery?

    3. If you embed the video, it will ignore the image you have set for it (vimeo / youtube do not work like that – they use their own preview imge). The only time this will work is if you enable the lgithbox and when the image is clicked it will appear within a lightbox. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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