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  • Gareth Chapman

    Wordpress: 4.5.1
    Dynamix: 5.3
    VC: 4.11.2
    Rev Slider (If relevant): 5.2.5
    Website: http://knaresborough.co.uk

    I have a really annoying intermittent problem on some platforms and browsers which appears to be related to the Responsive Design settings and Visual Composer. All works fine on most iPads, phones, desktops etc. I know that it is a problem on some machines on Firefox and iPad2. I cannot replicate the problem on any of the ’emulators’ (MobileTest.me or Responsinator). I know that it is not memory related at all.

    The VC masonry post element on the front page either:
    1 – Fails to load – just displays white dots or
    2 – Loads but is formatted wrongly. Once the page loads properly once, it is then OK for a while – ie it seems to be associated with initial load rather than reload.

    I repeat – this is an inconsistent problem that doesn’t happen with most users but happens often enough with several others using both PCs and iPads. I attach a couple of screenshots to illustrate 1 & 2 above.

    I am desperate to solve this problem and have absolutely run out of ideas. Many thanks.

    Gareth Chapman

    I think a kind friend has finally cracked this!!
    It appears that although the site address is set to http://knaresborough.co.uk, some were accessing http://www.knaresborough.co.uk. I was unable to implement a redirect via .htaccess (which, even with ftp set to view hidden files, doesn’t seem to be there!)
    Having installed a redirect plugin, I have now been able to redirect the latter to the former. Hey presto! All seems OK (for now…??)

    Hi @grtc23

    Glad to know you were able to figure out the issue. Hopefully, the issue will not recur anymore.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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