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    My site is quickly growing in size I think due to images. We have references to other articles on our site via iframes and was wondering what is the optimal resolution size and dpi that I should use for the featured images that will only used as featured images.

    Once I resize the images on my computer can I just use the replace media plugin and will that do the trick and reduce the size. I also have the smush plugin installed.

    Also do you know how I could do a clean up of images not being used?

    My site is http://fscbmwcca.com


    Hi @fscbmwcca

    The optimal image size for the featured image would depend on the dimensions you set under Theme Options > Blog > Blog Page Images

    So whatever dimensions you specified under Image Width and Height is the most optimal size that you need to upload/reupload.

    For cleaning up images you do not need, there are a number of plugins available that you can try. Two examples are ‘DNUI’ and ‘WordPress Uploaded Files Cleaner’. There should be more available in the WP Plugin repository.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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