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  • Marcus Cake

    Hi! I have implemented Dynamix at my website http://www.marcuscake.com . I chose the theme because it is one of the few that also offers an inbuilt Buddypress template.

    It works at lower levels – 3 levels of sub-directories (/community/groups), but an error results for higher levels (community/members/marcus-cake/friends/). The errors are "Page not found" errors (404 and 500). I have checked my server (.htaccess and other modules) and made some (probably unnecessary) changes suggested by WordPress and Buddypress.

    I just changed the theme to "Buddypress-default" and discovered that the links to deeper level Buddypress pages no longer result in "page not found" errors and the pages are displayed correctly. The site works with the standard theme.

    If I switch back to "Dynamix 2.8.7" (unmodified) or the "Dynamix 2.8.7 Child Theme", then it results in "page not found" errors. This makes me think that the problem lies in the Dynamix theme. 

    I am desperate to fix this problem. I am hoping you could help me. I am happy to give you admin access to the admin backend if it would help you reproduce the problem as described above.

    Marcus Cake


    I change the template to some others and then switched back to Dynamix. I read somewhere that this may fix something.

    Only one user appears to have this error

    I logged in as another user (also an admin) and the higher level pages work just fine. The error does not appear to be caused by the status of the user (logged in, or admin).

    When I login in as marcuscake, the higher level pages  ( community/members/marcus-cake/friends/  ) do not work.

    Only the marcuscake user appears to be affected. I will transfer to another account.



    It maybe a permalink issue – BuddyPress and BBPress require you to save the permalinks twice (I don't know why), try this and it may resolve the issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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