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  • Beth Olson

    Every time anyone clicks a link on my site (in text, the menu etc.) the page they are on jumps to the top while the website thinks about loading the next page. This is causing a lot of frustration and confusion to visitors.

    The most common issue is when a visitor scrolls down a photo portfolio page (ie. Weddings) then clicks a link such as from the menu to look at a different portfolio page (ie. Engagements) the portfolio page (weddings) they are currently on jumps back to the top of the page as if it’s the new page they clicked the link for but really the website is still thinking and loading the next page(engagements).

    This has been an issue since I first started using this theme but it wasn’t until recently that I started asking people about my website and it was one of the biggest complaints. Any ideas what the issue might be?

    Hi @betholsoncreative

    Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so we can personally check on this from our end?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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