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  • techex97

    The Parallax page seems to be a good page to use as a “main” page. It has the following sections:

    Revolution Slider
    Our Expert Services
    Our Featured Case Studies
    What Our Clients Say
    We’d Love to Hear from You

    My question:

    Is it possible to add additional sections to this page and have the new sections show up in the 5-options parallax scroll bar on the right hand side of the page or are we limited to the 5 total sections with no way of changing the names of the sections?

    button #1 = <sitename>/parallax/#top
    button #2 = <sitename>/parallax/#services
    button #3 = <sitename>/parallax/#portfolio
    button #4 = <sitename>/parallax/#reviews
    button #5 = <sitename>/parallax/#services



    Hi @techex97

    There is no limit on the number of parallax Sections so you can definitely add additional sections. All you need to do is add the rows, then add a unique “Anchor Link Name” per row via Row Settings.

    Once done, go to Appearance > Menus then edit the menu your Single Page/Parallax is using then add the link to each section.

    For example if you used this “services2” (it needs to be unique to avoid conflicts), then you add #services 2 as the link to that row.



    thanks, will try that out

    You’re welcome, @techex97

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us back if you encounter any issues,



    How do you know what menu the Single Page / Parallax is using? I don’t see any menu that looks like it is tied to the options in the Parallax page.


    nevermind…just adding the section did what you said it would do…thx

    Just to confirm, is everything all set, @techex97?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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