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  • Hi,

    I've moved our wordpress isntall with the Dynamix theme and database to a new domain (our .com) 

    Everything seems to work fine save for a strange thing that keeps happening.


    When I open the page the home 3D gallery shows a number of empty posts, then 3 correct ones at the end (from category HomePageContent)

    When I edit the Home page and "re-set" the values (they are alreayd correct when I open the page settings) and press "preview" the issue is fixed.

    However when I close the browser the problem is back again, a number of empty posts. 

    What am I doing wrong? 




    Hi Chris,

    The images that are missing, what are the URL's?

    Andy I have no idea, we didnt add these posts.

    I dont know where they are coming from.


    I can give you our login credentials so you can have look.

    One other thing I can think of is that my domain somehow hasnt got the correct writing priviliges. 

    That could explain why it doesnt retain changes made. 


    one other thing I cant figure out with the Dynamix theme is how to make the 3D gallery not display the Stop, Info and Link overlay, but just have the entire image be a clickable link. Must be obvious but cant seem to get it working.

    Tips anyone?


    Ok, welll…… I think I found the problem.

    By installing and making the new website on a different host all sorts of references got included everywhere to the domain urls. (in posts, database, images etc)

    I've copied the finished site to the actual domain .com where we want to site to be. Exported and imported the database. Everything seemed to work perfect until closer inspection. It turns out those old URL references are everywhere. Even when I went to the WP Admin it redirected me to the other host domain.

    It took me a while to figure out. I think im going to install WP + Dynamix theme clean on the .com and just enter the content again manually.

    Evening worth of work but Im not proficient enough to fix it otherwhise.





    Going forward, To help mitigate the change in URL with regard to image links, Andy and others suggest using a relative rather than absolute link when embedding images. For example, instead of using the link http://YOURURLHERE/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/ZFree-10.jpg, you would embed the link without the reference to the domain, so it looks like this: /wp-content/uploads/2011/07/ZFree-10.jpg (don't forget the forward slash at the beginning).

    Since the WordPress install structure is the same regardless of host, your images get uploaded into the uploads folder inside WP content, sorted by month and year.

    Hi Peter,


    I tried using those relative URLS but most of the time my images dont show up so I keep using the full URL.

    Im not a big web dev guru so usually I cant figure out what the problem is on my own… 


    We basically rebuilt our website now, copied the page content from our "old" install. Only thing left is to import the old news posts… 

    Thanks for all the tips!


    Hi Chris,

    As Peter mentioned, when building any website – it's always best to use relative paths not absolute. If you're using the new DynamiX 2.8.3 the new slide set system should help speed up the process. 

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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