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    Hi I’m having an issue with the mTouch Quiz WordPress Plugin

    When this plugin is activated (not even used on any page) all the dynamix theme shortcodes that use JQuery such as the tabs and accordian stop working correctly.

    I’ve spoken to the pluin author who seems keen to resolve the issue, but to date no joy.

    It would be fantastic if it were possible for you (Andy) to take a look at this plugin and see what you think the issue could be.

    Many Thanks


    Hi Matt,

    What version of DynamiX are you usign?

    Flickapix Dezign

    see the authers changelog:



    * Improved UI. Questions now scroll instead of just flashing from question to question (thanks to jQuery Tools Scrollable scripts)
    * Added minified CSS and javascript files
    * Changed namespace for CSS to a shorter name. If you made customized CSS changes, you will need to update your CSS after install.
    * Added new shortcode options to eliminate certain parts of the quiz that are displayed. See the shortcode reference page on the plugin website for full details.
    * Added new shortcode options to control question selection.
    * Eliminated the shortcode option to display more than 1 question at a time. The choice is now 1 question or all questions. This is due to new scrolling option limitations. If enough people cry about this maybe I’ll find a way to make this work too, but I doubt it.
    * Cleaned up some of the HTML. More changes in the future.
    * Added Estonian Translation. (Thanks to Martin Orn)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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