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  • artofthecat

    Hi Acoda team and helpers… i’am so happy to be finaly on the forum !!! (Acoda team know my mail problemes…
    So here is my question, how do i change the language on the portefolio choosing button (for categories check).
    I have traduced the theme with polylang pluging from english to french, but the button still say “all” by default and i don’t know where to change it, from english to french. (here is the exemple page : http://www.premiersite.fr/test-portfolio/)

    Hi @artofthecat

    I checked the page you specified and I can’t find ‘All’ on the page if I understood your concern correctly. Can you please send us a screenshot or specify/elaborate further on the issue so we can check further?



    Hi Sir,

    Thanks fo your concern, but i changed “All” by “#” like this it’s not in english and in french …

    I changed it manualy like your support member told me and then i posted the question here as he told me in order to find a solution : (here is is answer by mail)


    Did you try doing a password reset?

    It’s definitely translatable. For now, if you want to edit the file directly, it’s DynamiX/lib/inc/classes/post-categories-class.php. Once you’re on the forum, we’ll find a permanent solution.


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    Hi @artofthecat,

    I am forwarding this to the developer to check what is triggering the issue. We will get back to you once we have more information on this.

    Can you please send over FTP login credentials for your site so we can try to make the changes needed manually?


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    Thanks for sending it over. I have forwarded this to Andy to apply the needed fix.

    We will update you once that has been done.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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