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    I Love the theme, found one design hitch that arguably is not a hitch but for me it causes an issue and I would love it if you knew a way to help.

    I have copied your portfolio theme and on the home page where you have the big picture of your guy, it’s this Row I have an issue with.
    On a 13 inch / 15 screen it is one but as soon as you go to an iMac or a 27 inch desktop this row takes up WAAAAY too much screen real estate. It there any way I can limit it.

    13 inch


    27 inch


    The other question about this back ground Row image, is that it zooms in to the image when you make it the back ground. So unsure what dimensions and size to make the image. any ideas? Ive tried loads, whats on there is the best result I can get.

    my website is


    Thank you

    Hi @robinlewismedia

    The height the row is occupying is dependent on the height you have set under “Row Settings”. For your site, I think you have set it to 75%, that is why it is occupying that much space no matter what the screen resolution is.

    For the background image, it will also try to occupy the available space relative to the height of the row without distorting the image. This is why it looks like it is zoomed.

    If you do not want it cropped/zoomed, we can apply a CSS to counter this, but your image will look distorted depending on the screen resolution.


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    Hi @robinlewismedia

    It looks like the issue is caused by the Grid Gallery at the bottom of the page. If we remove it, the page works.

    Can you please remove it and redo setting up the Grid Gallery?

    For the HTML errors, can you please elaborate the steps to replicate the issue and send us screenshots of the error?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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