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    I have a couple of pages that contain a Post Masonry Grid and they are very slooooooow to load. Is there any way to make them load up quicker? For example, this page https://fscbmwcca.com/ask-archive/ only has 6 items and it takes waaaay to long to load.

    Hi @scbmwcca

    My apologies for the delayed reply.

    i did a test and here is the result: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/dVVfNa/https://fscbmwcca.com/ask-archive/

    As you see, the site has a total page size of 4MB and loads 324 requests, which means the page on its own is very bloated causing the drag on the load time.

    4.27Mb of the total page size are from images on your site. You can see a breakdown of all the images/requests your site is loading under ‘File requests’.

    It is best to optimize/minimize the images being loaded on your site as that should help speed up the site


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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