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  • Igor Kuznetsov

    Dear Support Team,

    Your help is needed on the next error with Dynamix.
    The galleries Grid, Stage, iSlider and Accordion do not show any posts when Data Source is set to Post Categories.

    Only the Posts Grid and WP Recent Posts is working. Check it here at my page: http://spicysalsa.ru/news-and-articles/
    The Demo Data page shows the same result: http://spicysalsa.ru/?page_id=656&preview=true

    When I add a Gallery to the whole page (in the tab Add Gallery below), it works fine and shows posts. The error is emerging only when adding Gallery of Posts inside the page in the Visual Composer.

    Please kindly fix this bug soon.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Igor,

    The galleries are working fine within the visual composer – it seems like it maybe linked to the actual data itself. Can you confirm that the category slugs match the category name. e.g. My Category ( category name ) = my-category ( slug ).

    If you post your WP login details, I’ll happily take a look for you.

    Igor Kuznetsov

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for soonest reply.

    Oh I see! Our website is in Russian, so I had my category name written in Russian language, while the slug for URL was in English. Now I’ve made a category name equal to slug and it worked.

    It seems that your Galleries request for objects by different methods. The Gallery that is added to the top for the whole page seems to take posts from the database without taking URLs in consideration. But the Gallery in Visual Composer takes care about the categories slugs. I see.

    Ok, I will have to use the category name in English in our website.
    Anyway, thanks for your help.

    Have a good day!



    You’re welcome Igor, I’m glad that’s resolved.

    The gallery via “Add Gallery” uses ID’s instead, unfortunately the way the visual composer is setup, it uses the names instead. It’s always best to have the slugs matching anyway.

    Have a good day too!


    Hello Andy,
    I cam across this problem too using a french website. the accent in the E was making the recent post not working . slug was temoignages but the category name was Témoignages.
    But it’s a problem, because the accent needs to be there , it’s a spelling mistake if there is none. Is there any way around it ?

    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Pierre,

    I have just had a look into this and it looks like WordPress automatically removes the accent. I am not sure what happens if you have a French version of WordPress installed if that same thing happens?

    Kind regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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