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  • anaghbarui

    I used this theme last 3 years, its superb, I have one query, I want change preload icon instead default icon which is used in this theme.
    I want to use ” % ” icon, it’s help my website visitor to how long he or she will wait to see the website.
    please help me on this.

    Here is the image link

    Thanking You.

    Hi @anaghbarui

    Yes, it is possible to have that kind of pre-loader however, it will require a lot of changes on the code. The easiest way would be to disable the theme’s default pre-loader and install your own pre-loader using your own code or via plugin.



    What would the result be if the theme’s default pre-loader was disabled and not replaced with another one?

    Hi @shai4_t

    If pre-loader is disabled, then it will only give you a white screen while waiting for the site to come up.

    You can personally test it on your end to see the result.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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