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  • Yosif Y Yosifov

    Long story short. Im a newbie and dont know much, but so far I found basic and simple solutions to all the problems I encountered.
    I am still working on my first home page and wanted to put the revolution slider in it. I edit the slider and put different layers in each slide. In the text layers I used just basic html for paragraph so I can put the text between the pictures and in rows. When i edit the slider options I turned the responsive design on with its standard settings. When I load and test the site on my phone and on a site that I found for testing your page for various devices. The page title doesnt fit in,the slider with the pictures does, but all the layers in TEXT edited with <p></p> show extremely large and out of the original box it was in when I was looking it on my desktop. I cant figure it out. The settings in the theme options are on for responsive design and still my page title is out of the screen. Help!



    What do you have set in the Revolution Slider settings. Ensure the “Slider Layout” is set to Custom – this will allow for responsive sizes to appear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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